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Make yourself comfy in our merch, follow ladduck, enjoy and be a part of LAD's adventures!

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Internet's cutest duck now has an official store! Yay! Here at LadDuck we want to focus on the good things in life. Our quality apparel will 100% make you feel the coziest you've ever felt! 

Amazing quality! I got to experience the Champion x Lad hoodie before the official launch. I gotta say it exceeded my expectations!

Mary Smith

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Local Duck

Hello, I am LAD, everything is LAD, my name is LAD, I am duck, LADduck and all ducks like me: cute, funny, round, white fat, callduck... are LAD, nice to meet you 😁😂. Hope you'll be my LAD friend 😁 and enjoy my funny LAD adventures. Easy like LAD cake 😂❤️😁.

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